Admission Requirements

1.   Any student who is genuinely looking for whole child Christian education and who will learn in harmony with the philosophy and objectives of Deer Lake Seventh-day Adventist School is eligible for admission.
2. Kindergarten and Grade One students are required to be five and six years old respectively on or before December 31st.
3. Proof of English proficiency may be required. This may be through a (an):
a. Interview with the principal;
b. Readiness Assessment and/or English Proficiency Test where applicable.
4. Students entering for the first time may be tested for placement in the appropriate grade level where they will be successful.

5. All families interested in applying for admission to Deer Lake School for Sept. 2024should participate in a November 2024 Open House or school tour as outlined in Kindergarten or Grade 1-12 Admissions.


If you have questions about the application process or whether there are spaces available, please email Gaileen Woytko, Development & Operations Director, or call her at 604-434-5844.


Elementary students transferring in will have their records assessed by the principal and/or the admissions committee for placement in the correct grade. Students may be tested for grade placement. Unless both schools are compatible in their grading periods, secondary students are discouraged from transferring during the year.

Any students registering for the first time must:
1. Return completed application form with a $42 non-refundable application fee to the school office;
2. Bring in originals of birth certificate, or passport (if not born in Canada) and/or immigrant document(s) of student;
3. Bring in originals of latest report card (last grade completed and any subsequent reports);
4. Bring in originals of immunization records, B.C. Medical Care Card;
5. Bring in originals providing proof of Legal Residency of parents (Citizen card or Landed Immigrant status paper).

Canadian Student & Landed Immigrants - Application Procedures KINDERGARTEN- download

Canadian Student & Landed Immigrants - Application Procedures GR. 1 to 12 - download

Canadian Student & Landed Immigrants - Application for Admission Form-(download fillable pdf)

Canadian Student & Landed Immigrants - Application for Admission KINDERGARTEN Reference Form C (for Pre-School/Daycare Teacher Evaluation Form) (download fillable pdf)


Any interested visa students may apply for admission. The following procedural criteria must be met:
1. Submit an application form along with an $83 non-refundable application fee to the school office and copies (faxed copies not acceptable) of the following documents:
· Birth Certificate OR identification page of passport
· Immunization records
· Most recent report card/transcripts for last grade completed and any subsequent reports
· Letter of recommendation from previous school
· Current medical reports
2. All copies of documents must be verified as a true copy by a notary public. All documents not in English must be translated into English by an official translation organization and verified by a notary public.
3. A letter of acceptance to assist in obtaining a Student Visa/Study Permit will be given by the school when payment of fees in full are received for the academic period for which application has been made.
4. Only in the event of inability to attend school due to immigration difficulty, or illness, will the tuition fee be refunded.

International Student - Application Procedures - download

International Student - Application for Admission Form - download fillable pdf)


Students wishing to withdraw will need to fill out a withdrawal form, which is available at the school office. Loaned items belonging to the school will need to be returned and the account paid before report cards or transcripts can be issued.