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Jakovac, Dawn and Lui, Laura Co-Principals Ext. 0
Jakovac, Dawn Secondary Vice-Principal Gr. 8-12, Academic Advisor Ext. 123
Lui, Laura Elementary Vice-Principal K-Gr. 7, Educational Support Services Ext. 102
Woytko, Gaileen Director of Development & Operations Ext. 137
Flores, Ed Accountant Ext. 132
Umahag, Elizah Junior Accountant Ext. 142
Asis, Hydie Accounts Clerk Ext. 142
Luk, Christina Office Manager Ext. 101
Guillen, Emy Administrative Assistant Ext. 136

Teaching Faculty:

Gagnier, Heather Kindergarten
Tremblay, Bobie Grade One
Paunovski, Nadica Grade Two
Cautivar, Cassandra Grade Three
Turner, Karri Grade Four
Dobbin, Brittany PE K-5/Health, Grade 6, 7 PE, Grade 9 PE and Health, Grade 11/12 Active Living
Gordon, Chris Grade Five
Rusk, Rachel Grade Six
Emmons, Tara Grade Seven
Mariano, Shine Grade 8 Homeroom, English 8, Socials 8, Bible 8, Careers 8
Lorenson, Lester STEM/Applied Design 8, Bible 8, English 8, French 8, Physics 11, Chemistry 12
Emmons, Byron Grade 8 Social Studies, Grade 6-9 Band, Careers 8, PE 6, Composition & Production 12
Andrade, Marc Grade Nine
Martin, Phil Secondary Sciences, Bible 10
Emmons, Esmon Active Living 11/12, Auto Mechanics 11/12, Bible 11, PE/Heath 8, 9, Woodworking 11/12
Ryden, Molly Math 9-12, PE 10, Careers 10
Knopp, Loretta Bible 12, Language Arts 10-12, Social Studies 10, Foods & Nutrition 11
Jakovac, Dawn Careers 12, French 11, 20th C.World History 12, Social Justice 12
Silva, Debbie K-5 Music, Fine Arts 8, Visual Arts 11/12, Reading Specialist
Williams, Basil Foundations of Math 11, Media 11, Workplace Math 10

Support Staff:

Haynes, Moses Chaplain
Food Services Director
Miguel, Clelia Advancement & Database Administrator
Bag-ayan, Clea Before & After School Care Coordinator
Subade, Edmundo Custodian
Subade, Retchiel Education Assistant/After School Care Assistant
Kripakova, Tetyana Before & After School Care Assistant
McCarty, Jacqui Education Assistant, Administrative Assistant
Llewellyn, Alfrose Education Assistant
Lopez, Bhing Education Assistant
Eun, Paul Education Assistant, IT Specialist
Eun, Grace Librarian, Education Assistant