E l e m e n t a r y   S c h o o l 


Welcome to Kindergarten! My name is Mrs. Heather Gagnier and I’m very excited to be working with our wonderful kindergarteners. Kindergarten is your child's first introduction to formal education, and it is important to make these first impressions positive and lasting. In our kindergarten class we are loved and valued for our unique gifts.  We are challenged to try new things and stretch our brains. We are supported in areas where learning is difficult for us. We learn to care for ourselves, our families, our community and our amazing world. If you have any questions please contact me at
We will begin accepting applications for Kindergarten 2019 in the fall of 2018.
Our Kindergarten is a full day program.
To visit our kindergarten and tour our school, please call and book an appointment with Director of Operations, Gaileen Woytko at 604-434-5844 ext. 102.

Grade 1

Hello! My name is Ms. Bobie Rowse (Ms. Rowse to the kids!) and I am the Grade One teacher.

I am a huge proponent of play and outdoor learning. My favourite part of our learning this year is Wild Wednesdays, a child-led and play-based day each week that uses Nature as a classroom, not just a field trip, allowing children time to explore and learn naturally.  I am excited with the new opportunities that this year and your children will bring to my classroom.

The best way to contact me is by email at or you can leave a message at 604-434-5844 ext. 106 

Grade 2

Welcome to Ms. Nadica Paunovski’s class! I am the Grade 2 teacher and I am so excited to get to know my new students and their families! I am excited to take my class to new learning adventures this year. In my class every child is valued as a unique, special and talented individual. As Pablo Picasso stated “Every child is an artist…” I believe that every child needs to be recognised and supported to grow. They need opportunities to discover and express themselves. I look forward to all the collaborative learning and fun educational opportunities that await us! I enjoy working with parents to help foster students' academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by email,
Grade 3
Hello, my name is Mrs. Cassandra Cautivar and I teach Grade 3. With your support at home, I believe we can make this year a memorable and fulfilling one for each student. I’m looking forward to meeting you as we chat about the progress of your child throughout the year! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at You may also contact me at the school at 604-434-5844 ext 104.

Grade 4

Welcome to Grade 4!  Mrs. Laura Lui and Mrs. Katelyn Scarlett co-teach Grade 4 at DLS. We are very excited and looking forward to a great adventure in learning together! Collaboration between school and home is paramount to your child's success this year. Let's work as a team to support and guide your child to become their best self. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at and

Grade 5 

Welcome to Grade 5. My Name is Mr. Arthur Barrett and I am the grade 5 homeroom teacher this year.  I am excited about sharing this educational journey with your student.

We will be using the Seven Habits to guide you child in developing good leadership skills. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of your child’s education this year! For a class schedule and other important announcements please email me at

Humanities 5, Careers 5

My name is Mrs. Charity Nainggolan, and I enjoy my two Grade 5 classes very much, Humanities 5 and Careers 5.

PE K-4 and Music 4 and 5
Welcome to PE and Music! My name is Mr. Byron Emmons and I love teaching my favourite subjects, PE and Music. My email is
Music K-3
My name is Debbie Silva and I love teaching music to students of every age, but it is especially fun to enjoy music with K-3! Contact me at
Grade 6
Welcome to Mrs. Rachel Rusk's class! I am the Grade 6 homeroom teacher and I am so excited to get to know my new students and their families! I look forward to all the collaborative learning and fun educational opportunities that await us! I enjoy working with parents to help foster students' academic, emotional, and spiritual growth. Please feel free to communicate with me by emailing me at
Grade 7
Welcome to Grade 7. My name is Mrs. Tara Emmons, I am the Grade 7 homeroom teacher, and I also teach Careers to Gr. 6. I am looking forward to this year.  Our classroom theme is CHOICE.  There is great power and responsibility in choice and we will be exploring how choice can grow us and help us become the person we were designed to be.  The best way to contact me is by email,, and please feel free to do so at any time!


My name is Moses Haynes, and I have the privilege of serving as the school chaplain for all students, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

H i g h   S c h o o l

Mrs. Debbie Silva: Gr. 11/12 Choir
Mr. Byron Emmons: Grade 9 homeroom; Music 4- 9; Bible 9; Careers 9
Mr. Esmon Emmons: PE 6, 8, 9; Bible 11; Carpentry 11, 12; Applied Design 8, Trades Sampler
Ms. Annina Englebrecht: Grade 8 homeroom; Humanities 8/9; Tech 8; Art 11/12; Bible 8
Mrs. Dawn Jakovac: Secondary Vice Principal; Academic Advisor; French 11; Social Justice 11; History 13; Career Education 10, 12
Mrs. Loretta Knopp: English 10-12; Bible 12; Socials 10; Foods & Nutrition 11 
Mrs. Annabelle Laroco: STEM 7, 8; A&W Math 10, 11
Mr. Lester Lorenson: French 5, 7,8, 10; Science 8, 9; Physics 11, 12
Mrs. Molly Ryden: Math 9-12; PE 10; PE Leadership 11, 12
Ms. Kayla Whitworth: Science 10, Bible 10; Biology 11 & 12, Chemistry 11, 12