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Our playground is 30 years old and long past its effectiveness – it’s in need of transformation! We are looking for students, parents, staff, alumni, churches and our community to help support us in raising $100,000 to turn our tired old playground into the new challenging play area that children need today!
Why do we need a new playground?
Our old Big Toy play equipment was a great investment 30 years ago, but the benefits of new playground equipment are:
  • Aligns with British Columbia’s Physical Education (PE) standards and will enable children to get 60 minutes of required daily physical activity in fun and creative ways
  • Promotes moderate to vigorous levels of physical activity that include balancing, spinning, brachiating, sliding, climbing and swinging
  • Results in significantly more  health and development benefits that challenging outdoor play offers including building more core strength
  • Reinforces classroom learning outdoors through new cross-curricular activities – something our present play equipment has not been able to accomplish for more than 15 years
A new urgency has emerged in the past year.  Local entomologists have identified a serious situation with increasing wasp aggression in Metro Vancouver. Deer Lake School has encountered significant incidences of wasp nests being created around the school. A local pest control agency has traced the school’s wasp infestation in part to the wooden Big Toy. Wasps are removing portions of the old soft wood continuously from the aging Big Toy and using it to build their paper nests.
In spite of significant pest control methods being used regularly around the playground, many children have been stung this last year. It is becoming more and more imperative to remove the wooden equipment and replace it with new CSA (Canadian Standard Association) approved metal equipment.

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Fundraising Scratch Cards
A simple way to begin raising funds is through our scratch card program. Every student or parent in our school has access to a specially designed Deer Lake School Playground Scratch Card Booklet. Inside the cover there are 30 dots with dollar amounts between $1 and $5. We take this booklet to friends, family and neighbours and ask them to scratch some dots and donate whatever amount is revealed.  The booklet even has a little tear-off sheet with discount coupons for various businesses! So not only can your friends and family contribute, they can benefit from discounts with businesses they know and trust! When we complete just one scratch booklet, we will have raised $100 toward the new playground!  Pick up your scratch book in our school office today and get started!

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Maybe you or someone you know owns a business that may consider being a playground sponsor? These documents will help you understand the opportunities for sponsors:
Playground Case for Support - Why Build a New Playground?
Playground Sponsorship Opportunities
Playground Donation Form

If you have questions about how you or your company can partner with us in our Playground Transformation Project, please contact Gaileen Woytko, Development & Operations at Deer Lake School.

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